Employer eService Guided Tour



Introduction: Welcome to the New EES Welcome to the new, enhanced Employer eServices website. This Guided Tour will walk you through the site’s new tools, so you can see that it’s easier than ever to administer benefits online, access billing and reports, and launch workplace wellness initiatives.

Even before you log in, you’ll find useful information, including several tools to help you learn about the site, for example, a self-running demo and in-depth tutorials, as well as other helpful information.

With the new site, logging in is easier than ever … and you get instant access to key activities through a main Dashboard. Right from here, you can:

  • search for an existing employee and update their record
  • add a new employee to your plan
  • see important notifications
  • quickly find plan documents
  • and access our suite of wellness tools and resources.

The new and improved Employer eServices website makes it easier to Manage Employees’ benefits information.

You can quickly find Existing Employees to update their plan information, add dependents or view claims.

And it’s just as easy to Add a New Employee to all plans at once … or request plan ID cards.

When you need to update employee information, simply select Manage Employees. You can quickly find an Existing Employee, then:

  • terminate or reinstate him or her
  • edit his or her demographic information or coverage plans
  • update spouse information
  • update dependent children information
  • or add another dependent.

Adding a new employee is easier than ever in the Manage Employees section, because you can enroll an employee in all plans at once.

  • Select Add New Employee …
  • Enter his or her information …
  • Then assign the appropriate health plans … all in one streamlined step.
  • After that, you simply review the information to make sure it’s accurate and submit.


You can also request ID cards online. We’ll then mail them out to new plan members within 5 to 7 days.

With the new Employer eServices website, you can find and pay Invoices with a few simple clicks. You can either search or view a list of Open Invoices … pay them individually or all at once … see a full Payment History … or change your Payment Method at any time … right from your desktop.

When you want to review and pay invoices, simply select the Invoices section.

If you have more than one client associated with your organization’s account, we make it easy to find the correct one with numerous search options.

Once you have the correct client, select the Open Invoices tab to see all the unpaid invoices associated with that client’s policy.

You can choose to pay invoices one at a time or Select All to pay them all at once.

For each selected invoice, you’ll see a detailed Summary prior to paying, then can choose your payment date and print a copy of your remittance when you’re done.

You can also use the Invoices section to review Payment History and update your Payment Method.

You can quickly see a complete history of each payment, including the date it cleared and which account was used to cover the invoice.

And we give you the flexibility to update your preferred Payment Method at any time. You can change your account and your payment type based on your organization’s accounting needs.

Our enhanced Employer eServices website gives you instant access to numerous Reports to help you better manage your employee health care benefits program.

You can choose from daily and monthly Banking Reports …. or Cost & Utilization summaries to identify trends and make more informed decisions.

Plus, there’s an Electronic Eligibility section that lets you submit eligibility files directly from your HR system … this eliminates duplicate data entry.

We offer a robust Reports section that includes Banking Reports to help you better manage your health care benefit costs. You can choose from daily and monthly reports, as well as historical reports based on specific dates. You can either view the banking reports online or download them in PDF format.

If your organization has 100 or more employees, you have access to detailed Cost & Utilization Reports to help you identify trends and make more informed decisions about your health care benefits.

You can choose from standard reports or create custom reports at any time using up to 36 months of data.

You can also export the data and graphs into other programs, or download and print them directly from your desktop.

The Employer eServices website also allows you to submit eligibility files electronically using your existing HR system — this saves you time and reduces data entry errors. You submit files directly from your HR system … and are notified via email when your files have been processed.

We’ve made it even easier for you to access Tools for Wellness on the Employer eServices website. Easy-to-use planning tools and hundreds of distribution-ready materials make launching workplace wellness initiatives a breeze. You’ll find planning tools in Getting Started … numerous communication materials organized by Health Topic … and handy Communication Tools like a customizable newsletter and calendar.

The Getting Started section makes it easy to launch effective wellness initiatives, with a vast array of planning resources, employee surveys and distribution-ready materials at your disposal. Whether you’re looking to help employees get the most out of their benefit plan or motivate them to take a more active role in their health, this section is a great place to start.

In Health Topics you can use the information you obtained from the Getting Started area to identify areas for intervention. Simply select a topic for instant access to email articles, newsletters, videos and more that you can share with your employees.

Under Communication Tools are resources for building customized communications quickly and easily.

There’s a Wellness Newsletter tool that lets you build a newsletter with your company logo, intro text, and whichever articles you choose … then create it as a web link, email or PDF.

We also offer a Wellness Calendar tool to take the guesswork out of which materials to send to employees when.

Select the health topics important to you and instantly create a calendar packed with months’ worth of ideas and distribution-ready materials. Once built, you can also download it directly into your own calendaring tool.